About Us

Our CEO Mr Ahmed idrisi

Message from CEO
Our mission is to improve the health of the people and communities we serve.  Our organizational vision, values and objectivity ensure patients find the best doctors and facilities in India and Bangkok, Thailand.  We hope you will take this opportunity to explore our site and learn more about our outstanding medical services information to share with you all.

Our patients continue to enjoy the intimacy, friendliness and respect of our team members and the hospital that we work with.  It is our undivided attention and continuous, sincere effort that enables IBC-BD to connect with a world-class network of physicians, technology and resources with which patients from anywhere, especially from Bangladesh, may discover new ways to give themselves a healthier tomorrow.

Whatever our clients choose, we are confident that they will find our services easily accessible, and that they will experience a positive patient & healthcare provider relationship.  We affirm our perspective of healthcare globalization, whereby a Bangladeshi citizen may easily travel across borders to receive state of the art treatment to stay happy and healthy forever.

Executive Director

Executive Director Ms Tatiyana

Message from Executive Director

It is my utmost pride and joy to be involved with International Business Center-BD (IBC-BD) from its inception. I am committed and comfortable to handle operational strategic planning and business development. It is with my experience and expertise in organizational management and project leadership that enables me to devise cost-optimization measures in favor of patients going to either India or Bangkok for medical treatment.

I find my main responsibility to our organizational priorities is ensuring a higher standard healthcare opportunity and greater cross-border treatment of patients with low costs in Bangkok, Thailand and India. I am blessed to be able to contribute to good health and well-being to the people of Bangladesh.

 Management Team

Our highly respected forefront team has accessible recognition to reputable and highly accredited hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand and India.  Our priority is to deliver quality, assured healthcare within a socially inclusive environment, in collaboration with voluntary and statutory bodies.  We seek to promote the long-term physical and psychological well being of all patients, through consultation, co-operation, collaboration and communication with patients/families and healthcare staff in and out of Bangladesh.  There are 27 JCI accredited hospitals in India and Bangkok,Thailand today.  However, for a patient traveling to Bangkok and India, it is important to find the optimal doctor-hospital combination.

After the patient has been treated, the patient has the option of either recuperating in the hospital or at a paid accommodation nearby, and our team is fully equipped to provide such services.  We also provide hospitals and local patients continuing the treatment through telemedicine.  Medical tourism, more broadly health and wellness tourism, refers to the industry in which people from across the globe travel to other countries to get medical, dental and surgical care, and at the same time, visit the local attractions of that country.  We feel comfortable to state that our highly professional team-members are fully trained and willing to serve our patients.

Our Mission

To improve the health of the people and communities we serve. We are committed to assisting our patients in finding better doctors and facilities in Bangkok, Thailand and India.  We represent only JCI accredited Hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand and India.

Our mission is to ensure advanced technology and the best physician with the most reasonable cost for the medical treatment.  Our dedication and competent professionalism to help patients comes from a truly humanistic mindset.  We believe our national recognition for excellent patient satisfaction can be attributed to our dedicated employees and superb medical staff.

Our Vision

To be the premier hospital through the delivery of high quality, compassionate care in a positive environment.  Our vision is to provide high quality healthcare with care and compassion at an affordable cost to patients from Bangladesh.  We are committed to remain non-negotiable in offering reduced and accessible care that ensures highest quality of consistent and reliable services to the patients from Bangladesh going to Bangkok, Thailand or to India.